March 2020

Another week has gone by, and it's been quite eventful. I've had some rather promising discussions with companies hiring contract/part-time work and consultancy work. In my spare time, while my son is asleep, I'm hard at work writing, producing content and preparing my course of Secure Application Development. In an effort to improve my

As a security-focused developer, I often get questions from colleagues and readers of this very blog on how to review code and spot vulnerabilities. Many believe this is an incredibly challenging task to complete and they are quite wrong, while there are some challenging moments to get it to exploitability, it's generally very

As this is my first official week as a consultant full-time remotely, I’m very excited to say I’ve had some luck in getting contracts. I’ve decided on top of my Weekly Updates, I’m adding Bi-Weekly Consulting updates. The consulting updates are focused entirely on consulting: the struggles, good times and everywhere in-between. Week One This first

As the Laravel ecosystem evolves, it’s continuously adding new and useful tools, features. One of those new features is Sanctum. Sanctum was formerly named Airlock. If you remember Laravel Passport, you’ll enjoy the new Laravel Sanctum feature! Sanctum was designed to provide an ultra-lightweight authentication system for your single-page applications, mobile applications and simple

As you may be aware, I recently went full-time solo remote consulting, while working hard on my business. It's been a very exciting time! This blog is still a top priority to me, therefore, I'd like to keep it that way. As a result, I've decided there will be regular postings at scheduled

A new year, a new setup! I get these questions from time-to-time on how my setup has progressed over the years, and decided it's time for a new blog post about it. IDE I mainly program in PHP, therefore my defacto editor is PHPStorm for desktop. I prefer the dark material theme as often I'm

It's become a norm, expecting that any tech company will hand you a coding challenge right off the bat before going through the process with you. While I've had my reservations about the process for a long time, I wanted to dive into the premise of the challenge entirely. Challenges: Are they useful? It's hard