March 2020

As you may of noticed, I’ve went ahead and implemented Carbon advertisements on my site! The advertisements will help me offset the cost of running this blog and gives me more time to do what I love: creating content! Let me know if you have any display issues caused by the advertisements, and thank

After long consideration and events within my life, I’m moving from my place to the another country property full time! It’s going to be a massive shift in lifestyle, but it’s where I want to be in life. I’m excited for what the future holds and I’ll be doing 100% remote consulting work

As service providers begin to dish out IPv6 ranges, it's become apparent that they don't quite understand how IPv6 should be handed out. Handing out a single or smaller than /64 IPv6 range is unnecessary -- especially if you're a hosting provider. I've been hosting customers for a while, and recently acquired a new

As I use DirectAdmin more and more, I've become very fond of the product and believe it's well worth the money for it. Like any product, however, I've got some wish-list items that would be great if the developers would integrate. Unlike most wish-lists, I've spent some time really digging into where these