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Bitcoin: The gift that usually keeps on giving.

Back in the day when Bitcoin was worth peanuts, I decided to invest some money into it and bought a single coin. Boy, I regret those days. When Bitcoin finally rose to about $10000 apiece, I cashed out all I had left after some poor cash-out decisions, I walked away with $300. It wasn’t much, but I thought it wouldn’t rise for a long time and needed the cash.

After seeing it jump significantly higher and even till this day it hovers between $8000-$10000, I regret not buying more when I had the chance. Nonetheless, I’ve decided to buy some crypto and see if it goes anywhere, starting with a purchase of $10 in Bitcoin I did a year ago, today I found this $10 is worth $51.42, so it’s increased significantly. My thought is, if Bitcoin ever rises to expectations of > $30000 a coin, my $51.42 should be worth at least another $200, and it not be much but I’ll be pleased that it’s one investment I’ve seen grow that cost me only $10 and a bit of patience.

Let’s see where the crypto market heads!

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