I've made some changes to how my networking structure is both at home and at the colocation, so my new diagram is seen below now includes the Disaster Recovery site (DR), which is only containing Lightsail VM for backup email instance, EC2 instance for this blog, and S3 for file storage (this blog

I'm always looking for ways to improve my naming scheme, and make it easier to remember the hosts and their function. For the longest time, I had decided on just short aliases for the names, but, as time grew on and the count increased, it was harder and harder to remember which server

In my lab, I'm utilizing Docker a lot, enough to have two KVM instances dedicated to Docker. VM: docker01-montyRAM: 4 GBStorage: 500 GBIPv4 Routing: NAT - 80/443/32900 forwared to VM Containers running: Plex, Grafana, Traefik, Jira, Portainer, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Prometheus, InfluxDB HA Containers running: ha-thegeekbin-01 VM: docker02-cleoRAM: 8 GBStorage: 100 GBIPv4 Routing: NAT - 80/443 forwarded to