Consulting Bi-Weekly Update 1: Introductory Post

As this is my first official week as a consultant full-time remotely, I’m very excited to say I’ve had some luck in getting contracts.

I’ve decided on top of my Weekly Updates, I’m adding Bi-Weekly Consulting updates. The consulting updates are focused entirely on consulting: the struggles, good times and everywhere in-between.

Week One

This first week has been good, I’ve got some great leads and spun up my billing infrastructure. I’ve decided to use Blesta to start while I work on my own Freelance CRM.

I’ll be still relying on Blesta when I have my own CRM done, however, it’ll be integrated over an API system. Thus, allowing me to not have to worry about the billing part directly.

Plans for the week

My plans for this week are to rapidly apply for freelance gigs, do my normal consulting with businesses, and try to pick up more long-term maintenance contracts.

That’s it for this bi-weekly update, my next update is two weeks from today