Does this thing still work?

2022 was overrated. Let's try it all again in 2023. A trip to infinity, maybe?

Does this thing still work?
Photo by Juan Davila / Unsplash

It's been a while since this blog was touched last. The last post was only on April 8th, 2021. This blog was sitting at the end of the abyss for a while.

A lot has changed in almost two years, so why not write about it? I've always made plans to write, but they never panned out before – work, commitments, or something else decides to pop up.

As the years go by, opinions change, and input continues to matter. I forgot about the dozen unpublished posts I had lying around too. A quick touch-up in the future, and they'll go live.

Photo by Alexandra Nicolae / Unsplash

Let's take a trip to infinity, and it'll all make sense one day.