Network Diagram (July 2019)

I’ve made some changes to how my networking structure is both at home and at the colocation, so my new diagram is seen below now includes the Disaster Recovery site (DR), which is only containing Lightsail VM for backup email instance, EC2 instance for this blog, and S3 for file storage (this blog utilizes S3 for assets under the hood). Without further ado, here’s my hybrid lab network diagram for July 2019!

July 2019 Network Diagram (

In addition to the diagram seen above, I’m also working towards having BackBlaze B2 integrated with restic to do automatic backups of the VM images and scripts. I’m yet to deploy my own git server, but it’s coming soon.

Future Plans

I’d like to expand the diagram to include virtual machines, their networking structures, and how they’re communicating successfully over NAT. I’d also like to put in new SFP+ modules in the servers and bound two ports to make 20 Gig bonded between each other. It’s not necessary, but it’s certainly fun!