i find myself breaking things far too often. maybe i’ve broken a lot more than i wanted to.

i’m a software engineer gone cyber security geek. i love to pentest, code, and break things… not in that order. i also game from time to time. stick around, you may like my content.

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New Website Design!

After using the free Primer theme by GoDaddy for a long time on this blog, I’ve decided to switch it up. I was browsing through other technology-gaming-pentesting related blogs and saw that most use darker themes, and are usually pretty clean. I wanted to strike with something darker, good layout, and fairly flexible. I settled on PlayerX (available on Themeforest). It’s a nice theme, with tons of components and data. It lets me have the flexibility I desired with Primer but never got, and the freedom I love to customize to my hearts content.

This also means I can begin creating more content-realm focused pages, specifically I can start creating pages that target things people are interesting in such as OSCP Study, Pentesting and Software Development instead of a general list of posts. Over the next few weeks, you’ll see me continuously iterate on this until I find the perfect combination of programming, security, and gaming all in one.

If you have any ideas, feel free to leave a comment below, I’d love to check them out and try to implement them.

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