I created The Geek Bin as a place to share knowledge, experience and all aspects of life that I encounter. It’s an ever-lasting journey and I love bringing my readers along. I love to code, love to create and love to break — usually not in that order!

I enjoy creating content and strive to make the best content possible, and in order to bring the best content possible I’m looking for sponsors to advertise on this blog.

Sponsor benefits

Sponsors will receive a placement in the top banner, and in my weekly update as a shoutout. Additionally, they will be featured in the weekly email newsletter which is currently sent to 11,941 people across the world.

From month to month, this blog sees on average 95,104 viewers that stay on this blog for an average of 3 minutes and 22 seconds across the past 3 months. Some months such as September 2019 this blog saw a significant rise in traffic to 302,470 visitors after numerous detailed series-based articles were released.

Why Sponsor This Blog?

By sponsoring The Geek Bin, you’re helping me maintain the costs of running this blog, and provides some income for me making these blog posts. I’m firm against running any Google Advertisement style program, as a result Sponsors seem like the most reasonable option to respect the privacy of my users, while maintaining the security of this website from third-party compromise via malicious advertisements.

After the conclusion of a Sponsors week, the Sponsor will receive a detailed email on the statistics we’ve tracked from our end, namely: Viewer count, click count, and basic statistics (most used browser, top country) for the Sponsor to review.

Sponsorship Pricing

There will only be 1 sponsor slot available per week, this may be purchased for a period not exceeding 2 weeks at a time. The cost for 1 week is CAD$150. Additionally, if this is bundled with another week the total will be only $250.


In order to maintain the transparency policy I hold, here is a detailed description of where all the sponsorship money will be headed:

  1. Sponsorship money will be used to fund the server fees associated with this blog (this includes this blog, forum, documentation site, video hosting for courses and the Cloudlinux/Plesk license combination).
  2. A portion of the money funded via sponsorship not exceeding 15% will be used to fund my time to create the tutorials, videos and content on this blog, additionally, supply the resources required (such as Microphone, Camera, etc) to make the tutorials and videos.
  3. The remainder of the sponsorship money will be used to give back to the community, such as donation to people and projects with clear and set goals, along with helping thrive the open source community by donating to OSS projects