i find myself breaking things far too often. maybe i’ve broken a lot more than i wanted to.

i’m a software engineer gone cyber security geek. i love to pentest, code, and break things… not in that order. i also game from time to time. stick around, you may like my content.

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docker Tag

In my lab, I'm utilizing Docker a lot, enough to have two KVM instances dedicated to Docker. VM: docker01-montyRAM: 4 GBStorage: 500 GBIPv4 Routing: NAT - 80/443/32900 forwared to VM Containers running: Plex, Grafana, Traefik, Jira, Portainer, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Prometheus, InfluxDB HA Containers running: ha-thegeekbin-01 VM: docker02-cleoRAM: 8 GBStorage: 100 GBIPv4 Routing: NAT - 80/443 forwarded to