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What I’m using

I use a variety of tools, software and infrastructure. Here’s what I’m using as of July 2019.


For projects I’m using Gitlab for source control, JIRA, Confluence to manage and document them.

For monitoring I’m using Grafana to graph, Prometheus and InfluxDB for data, however I’m considering switching to zabbix with grafana.

For communication, I use G Suite for email with AWS SES SMTP relay as a backup, Discord for gaming and sysadmin discussions, and Slack for my MSP-style business.

For managing IP addresses, I’ve recently started using PHPIPAM in a docker container, and it’s working rather well to visually see the subnets and manage them accordingly.

Home Hardware

My primary workstation is the new Mac Mini line with 64 GB DDR4 RAM (self upgrade), 128 GB SSD with 4 TB external. I didn’t get 10 GBe, however I intend to run 10Gig fiber through the house in my next iteration.

My only home server left is a Dell T110 II with an E3-1230, 16 GB DDR3 ECC memory and 2X256GB Kingston SSD and 2 TB WD BLUE drive for off-site backups from my colocation.

My gaming rig is a custom built computer with 1080 GPU, 32 GB DDR4 memory, 1X128GB SSD with 4 TB internal drive.

Server Hardware

My servers run either E3 or E5 CPUs due to the pricepoint, I currently run an E3-1230 and E5-2640v2, the E3 is perfect for my smaller workload needs, whereas the E5 is a tiny beast. I love seagate drives for SATA and SSD, so I tend to use their drives. I use Dell for towers, with Supermicro and HP for rack mount.


I’m currently using an LG (unknown model) 1920p resolution 32″ as my primary, and a BENQ 28″ 1920p resolution as my secondary monitor.

Keyboard and Mouse

I use Razer Chroma for my keyboard and mouse, with the rest for my hands when typing, I find the key feedback is just right and works quite well with my Mac.


My desk is a 5ft ikea linnmon desk, with an Alex drawer.


None yet – I’m still reviewing options that’ll work well with my Mac for recording tutorials.

Future Additions

I’d like to throw on some cable organizations, get a better UPS, and reorganize my desk drawers.

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