Weekly Update 1: Switching Residential ISPs

Welcome to the first week in my Weekly Update series! This is a new series, where every week I’ll provide updates of what’s going on in my life, the tech world, and things I’ve found interesting!

This week, I’m forced to change my ISP. My current ISP is pretty expensive for the package I’m getting, and with fiber optic internet lines right at the telephone pole, it’s time to tap in!

My new internet speed will be 75/10, which is slow, but once the line is fully installed and Bell has worked their system out, I’m getting upgraded to 1.5 G down, 940Mbps upload at no additional charge. This is beyond fast enough, and with no transfer limits I’m extremely happy.

I’ve also decided to end my 9 year relationship with Telus, and jump on the Freedom Mobile bandwagon. My wife and I snagged the $75/mo deal ($80 plus $5 off digital discount), and ported our numbers over. We chose the iPhone XR because it’s a big screen, it’s good build quality, and I we didn’t want a physical button anymore (they kept breaking on us!). After being approved for credit check, we’ve got all the features we wanted (20GB data – 18G freedom, 2G nationwide, unlimited thereafter), unlimited calling/texting/video msg Canada wide. This is saving us over $150/mo in total already.

Next, I made some changes with my domains – I’m letting over half of my idling domains go, no longer will I horde them. Instead, I’m trading them up for this domain (thegeekbin), a management domain (chl), and my wife’s blog domain (themomtales). This lets me ease some more finances, and expand on my colocation more.

Lastly, I’m making more time to blog, on the go and at home, so expect lots of more posts! All-in-all, it’s been a fun week and I’m looking forward to the next week!

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