Weekly Update 11: I'm speaking at BSides Ottawa! (2019)

On October 21st, I received the good news email, my proposed talk had been accepted and I’m going to be speaking at BSides Ottawa (2019). I’m really excited about this opportunity and I can’t wait to share this talk with everyone! My talk is going to be about chaining web exploits to escalate privileges and ultimately compromise a system. I believe it’s going to be a pretty fun talk, and I’m excitedly creating it. I’m planning to publish my slide deck after the talk is done publicly after the talk, and will definitely share it here in a blog post with more details.

I’m excited for what the future may bring, I’m actively building my CMS platform, working on a Podcast (“Tech Uncensored”), and preparing for my talk all at the same time. It’s crazy I tell you, but it’s fun in the same breath!

I’m also in the process of getting all my assets to BunnyCDN actively, it’s a long process because I’m going to migrate all our websites together.

I can’t wait for the upcoming weeks!