Weekly Update 12: Security Newsletter and Forum coming soon!

I’ve begun a new adventure, I’ve teamed up with some friends to create a forum focused on cyber security research and system administration. It’s going to be interesting, and lots of hard work.

I’m also starting a cyber security newsletter, called “Smash Sec” – a weekly newsletter giving cyber security briefs, tips and tricks. I’ll be posting a link here shortly!

We’re currently working on setting it up, and writing some informational content on it. The goal is mostly to provide a platform for stable discussion.

The primary focus points will be:

  1. Secure Coding
  2. Penetration Testing
  3. Managing and securing systems of all operating systems

I’ll be sharing the link here in about a week, and I’m excited to see what it will become!

I’ll see you all next week! If you’re in Ottawa this November 29th, I’ll be speaking at BSides Ottawa. Feel free to come say hi!