This week has been by-far one of the shortest weeks of my life. It started incredibly slow after the Christmas / New Years holiday break, and sped up at rapid fire speed. Work has been slow, but I’ve been keeping myself busy, usually reading and making myself more knowledgeable about topics (planning to share here!), and working on my side business. As I committed in my new-years reflection, my side business has been steadily growing development wise and I’m proud to say I’ve stopped a number of large attacks using my software (more on this in coming weeks!).

Side Business

From my side-business side, I’ve been hard at work developing rule-sets, signatures and more robust anomaly detection algorithm based on a very large data-set, currently holding a table of 244,825 anomalies to be analyzed as of writing — thus bumping my total sample size over ten million analyzed. It’s been quite an adventure, from early morning attack alerts to late nights spent cracking out code on the web and backend side.

I’ve asked my father to join me in this adventure to build the product and use his variety of talents on the marketing side. He’s been running his own business for over 10 years successfully, so I’m excited to have his assistance on this!

Our goals throughout 2020 are to get clients, grow the product offering to a complete, robust solution and block as many attacks as we possibly can. It’s an ambitious goal, but I’m excited for the results!

Personal Life

In my personal life, things are going well thus far, the new year is off to a great start and I’m hopeful for the future. It can be a bit stressful, but I’m excited to see where life will take our family. We’re packing and getting ready to move in March, the road’s going to present a long journey, but we’re prepared to take it head on.

My wife has found a new obsession with knitting and looming, she’s been hard at work doing it, making hats / mitts and all sorts of stuff! Eventually, we’d love to have some small shop to sustain income, on top of my side business.

New Logo? New Logo!

A new year presents a new logo, you may of noticed the traditional geek in the logo, that’s my blogs new logo my wife drew over the holidays! I’m excited to get the geek on the website, and it’s a great transition for the new year!

That’s all I’ve got packed in for this weekly update, have an incredible week!