Weekly Update 24: Progression

It’s that time again, this week has gone by so quickly. I had a great day on Monday (Family Day) with my family. I’ve started forward momentum with my business, and both my wife and father are helping out on it now. It’s incredible to sit back and watch this business grow piece-by-piece. Bender, the bot that watches over the product on-premise and in the cloud, has been actively spotting anomalies in traffic and quickly isolating suspect traffic.

In one case, a large denial of service came inbound, we were seeing over 500Mbps of web traffic crossing the network, and Bender was able to identify the suspected malicious data, isolate and issue blocks at the upstream core router. Within 10 seconds of Bender activating the bans on the upstream router, we observed the bandwidth drop down to expected normal transfer rate of 10-20Mbps. I noticed that Bender’s very resource-intensive on the detection engine, so a rewrite is under way to Go, in order to get some more performance from it.

All-in-all, I think we’re on the right track for forward-momentum, and I’m excited to build more on this fast, efficient product!