Weekly Update 27: I've arrived!

It’s been one hectic week this week. We packed most of our things and moved, and we still need to go back and collect some. I’ve started my consulting business full-time and purchased a brand new Macbook Air for my on-the-go development. I’ve decided I’ll keep all my projects on an extra 512 GB SSD drive and move it between my desktop and laptop as necessary.

I’m writing this post on my new laptop and I’m quite impressed with the 2019 Macbook Air. Despite the criticism I’ve seen online, I’m yet to encounter any issues. The typing is a bit more firm than I’m used to, but it’s an adjustment I’m willing to make.

This week I’m going to be advertising my side business lots, getting my consulting contracts up and applying for remote work and freelance work only. I’m very excited for the future, so let’s see where it takes me!