Weekly Update 28: Hunkering Down & The Full-Time Remote Work Lifestyle

Another week has gone by, and it’s been crazy. With moving places and getting the remainder of our stuff, unpacking and sorting it’s been beyond hectic.

I’ve decided I’ll start getting up early in the morning, around 5 AM, and spend two or three hours working on tutorials, blog posts and my business. It’s stressful, but it’s worth it.

With the Coronavirus coming into focus, it’s changing the way the tech industry works. You’ll have to work remotely, and it’s nice to see teams like Gitlab already have their remote working handbook publicly available for companies to follow.

I’ve begun to hunker down, while I’m not hoarding toilet paper (you can’t eat toilet paper), I’ve stocked up on some important supplies like food, water, and canned items. It’s merely for if the stores run out of food, rest assured I still head into the stores.

It’s incredible to see the stores with empty shelves, some stores are stockpiling them in the back and intentionally drip-feeding the shelves. I reckon it’s to gather business daily and encourage sales, but it can have some negative effects on consumers.

I remain hopeful the economy will recover speedily, and the world can resume its normal activities.

The Full-Time Remote Work Lifestyle

As I’ve gone full-time remote as a consultant, it’s given me tons of time to think. The biggest thing I’ve found myself doing is overworking myself — I’ve been going above and beyond, while it’s great for some things, it isn’t for others. I’m still working on that perfect balance, but I’ve got my scheduled more refined now.

On top of all of this, I’ve started scheduling early in the morning as well, around 5:30 AM daily I’m scheduling my daily todo list using Todoist (I paid for premium, it’s worth it) and preparing for the day.

I’d say the full-time remote work lifestyle works, especially for me with the flexibility it’s provided me.

Time will tell how it goes in the long run, but I don’t anticipate any big problems.

Until next week, let’s see where it takes me!