Weekly Update 29: The Writing Continues

Another week has gone by, and it’s been quite eventful. I’ve had some rather promising discussions with companies hiring contract/part-time work and consultancy work. In my spare time, while my son is asleep, I’m hard at work writing, producing content and preparing my course of Secure Application Development.

In an effort to improve my writing skills, I’ve started to take courses on writing. It may seem silly to some, but it’s quite helpful to me. I’m also hoping to take some electrical engineering courses and expand my knowledge in an effort to build solar arrays, battery banks and more. It’s one step closer to my goal of being entirely self-sufficient.

Only time will tell where this will lead, and I’m excited to head into that time. I once again thank all my readers, friends and family for coming along with me on this journey. It’s been a bumpy ride, but a ride worth riding.