Weekly Update 30: Ping Pong

As the week progresses, I’m getting more and more excited about what the future may hold. I’ve been very excited to share that I’m getting my own private office!

I want to be able to continue working hard, growing my blog and cranking out good code, so I’ve decided to setup my own private office instead of relying on shared space in my home.

The office isn’t anything huge and luxurious, it’s around 200sqft and perfectly sized for my needs. I’m planning to put a full-sized desk, two monitors and my keyboard/mouse combo from my current setup. I have my Mac Mini (upgraded, powerful) for my main driver at the office utilizing my Macbook Air for video conferences, etc.

I also plan to bring in a small tower server (Dell E3 tower) and utilize it for downloading content, storage and backup web server/test environment. The office will have Fibrestream as the internet provider and will have fast fiber internet connection. Given this is an office building, I’m not sure how I plan to segment the noise from the servers. I think putting some cheap dividers between the servers and my main office desk should be good enough.

I’m thrilled to the advance to the next step in my consulting. My remote-work office will be 100% tailored to my productive workstyle and when the pandemic is over I can even bring in friends who live in the rural area and need some place to get high-speed internet fast.

I’ll do another post in-depth on how this process goes! Until then, I hope you’re all having a great time (as much as you can be, that is) and keep on staying safe and healthy!