Weekly Update 9: CDN Prep

As you can tell, this site relies on cloudflare for its CDN. It’s not the best CDN but it’s been getting the job done, alas, my traffic has outgrown the free cloudflare plan and it’s time to upgrade.

I’m preparing to upload all my assets to BunnyCDN, it’s got great support and in my testing is marginally faster than Cloudflare is. It’s apart of my four step plan to leave cloudflare on this blog.

This weeks been going pretty well, I’m happy creating Typinion and expanding my knowledge. It’s nice to see something you’ve created start coming together.

I’m working on a new system to act like Cloudflare to deflect bad traffic, using a series of VMs from BuyVM and OVH. It’ll be running nginx with hardened rules, it’s not meant to deflect all attacks, but I’m hoping a fair number will be deflected.

Till next time!