What Docker containers am I running?

In my lab, I’m utilizing Docker a lot, enough to have two KVM instances dedicated to Docker.

VM: docker01-monty
Storage: 500 GB
IPv4 Routing: NAT – 80/443/32900 forwared to VM

Containers running: Plex, Grafana, Traefik, Jira, Portainer, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Prometheus, InfluxDB

HA Containers running: ha-thegeekbin-01

VM: docker02-cleo
Storage: 100 GB
IPv4 Routing: NAT – 80/443 forwarded to VM

Containers running: MySQL, PostgreSQL

HA Containers running: ha-thegeekbin-02

HA Containers

I’ve been experimenting with high-availability setups, so with Monty and Cleo, this blog (The Geek Bin) runs on both of them, with Monty right now being the master, Cleo being the slave. This means at any time you visit my blog, your request is served from either Monty or Cleo, depending on system load. I’m considering having a floating IP in the future, but for right now the round-robin sort of approach is working pretty well. Obviously, Cleo is more suited for high volumes of traffic, so when Monty receives too much, the system will divert all new traffic to Cleo.

Future Plans

I’d like to setup a Docker container with FreeIPA and IPAM to manage authentication and my IP allotments (I receive a /24 from AMRPNET, announced via BGP, and a /30 + /29 from my Colocation provider), along with a /64 of IPv6 and a /42 over BGP. This makes scaling easy, but managing harder. Centralized authentication with FreeIPA would be a great help, and IPAM would make it easy to manage my IP addresses.

Here’s to what the future holds with Docker!