Welcome to The Geek Bin

Welcome to The Geek Bin
Photo by Ayrus Hill / Unsplash

Welcome to The Geek Bin!

The Geek Bin was created after 4 years of telling myself to keep a log of the things I do because some day I’ll need them, then 4 years later having to solve the same issue I already solved… the hard way. Now, here we are! I run a not-so-home lab, a small MSP-style business, and I’m finding new challenges as I go along.

I’m at this stage in my life where I know not to buy lots and that I should save, but, I end up buying things on an impulse, which is much like how my dive into labbing began. My lab started in early 2013, which I got my first Gen6 HP server and old Dell server. Within hours I had them setup and configured, ready to use. I installed VMWare on them, and I was off to the races — the rest is history now!

In my personal life, I’ve got an adorable baby boy, a terror of a dog, and an incredible wife. I love to hang out, laugh, and learn as much as possible. While I’m not playing with my son or dog, with my wife, you’ll find me out exploring nature and learning more technology.

Let’s get the party rolling, this is The Geek Bin!